ROI For Data StorageBy Reid Smith-Vaniz

Calculate Added Agility and Profitability

After you determine the cost of doing nothing and estimate potential savings, you can add another dimension to your ROI arguments by calculating the extra agility and profitability your storage project will bring the company.

Turn Negative Energy Into Positive

Imagine your existing storage system isn’t performing well. (Maybe that doesn’t take much imagination for some of you.) That under-performing system is a headache for your company’s application designers, engineers and DBAs, who are expending valuable time and energy complaining to management and the IT infrastructure team about the drag on their productivity. That’s energy that could be spent instead on improving current applications and developing future ones. Part of your ROI calculation can include an estimate of the amount of time wasted on friction related to inadequate performance, capacity, backup and DR planning, and other storage-related issues.

Getting your project proposal approved and deploying a better system can shift that negative energy related to worry, insecurity and finger-pointing to improving teamwork, getting results and boosting revenue. Every team has a finite amount of energy, and focusing it on reaching goals rather than placing blame can contribute to the estimated ROI of your project.

Boost Profitability and Agility

Regarding profitability, consider the positive impact of being able to market your enhanced technology to your customer base. Improved uptime capabilities or performance can be a competitive advantage you can use to win market share and become more efficient and profitable.

Regarding agility, a better storage infrastructure can give your CEO new options for launching another business unit or buying a company. To be agile and able to turn on a dime, you need the right infrastructure. Having it can be the key to increasing revenue or gross margin or net income. A better infrastructure can give you the ability to have multiple copies of a new revenue-producing application in development, test, or QA so you can launch it sooner and ensure it’s more stable and bug-free.

Hire and Retain the Best IT Talent

One more ROI angle: Every company wants to hire the best people. In the IT world, having a superior infrastructure can help you hire the best app developers, DBAs, and IT architects. You can tell app developers, “I’ll give you more storage capacity to develop quicker.” Or tell DBA candidates, “I’ll give you more raw space, not compressed space, to do more testing.” These can be hiring tools you can use to attract the best talent. For your company, improving your infrastructure is a great bargain. Look at it this way: Buying additional capacity may cost you $100,000. That may enable you to attract three sharp DBAs, each of whom costs $100,000 in salary, but then proceeds to build first-rate databases that fuel millions of dollars worth of improved productivity.

Thanks for reading our ROI series. We wish you good luck on pitching your storage project. If you need more help with justification or need a quote on an affordable system from the most-trusted manufacturers to help get your project approved, call Reliant anytime