2018 IT trendsIt’s a new year and that means a few things. For IT professionals it means new projects, new ideas, and keeping an eye out for new trends and technologies they may want to implement in their IT infrastructure. Whether it’s dabbling in big data or finding different ways to keep your company in compliance with all industry regulations, there are always new trends and tech for your organization to utilize in 2018. But which trends will have the biggest impact? These are our predictions for the top IT and data storage trends of 2018.

Data Analytics

Utilizing analytics to improve your organization is not a new trend in the least. However, 2018 will be the year we see companies start to view data analytics as a priority rather than a “nice to have” feature in their data center. Look for data analytics to have a big impact on storage specifically, IT pros will be using analytics to overcome performance, data management, and availability issues. Analytics will give organizations the business intelligence needed to locate the cause of a problem should they arise, break down data usage, and make more informed decisions overall.

Flash Storage

It seems like just about every year in recent history has been deemed “the year of flash”. So what’s different in 2018? In the past two years the flash storage industry has seen a tremendous amount of growth, and this year will be even better. Flash sales are projected to increase while the price of flash will continue to drop, making it more affordable and widely used.

Compliance Regulations

Meeting industry specific data compliance regulations isn’t a new trend at all, but the EU General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect May 2018. This new set of standards will affect organizations operating in or with any company in the EU. According to Spiceworks' as of mid-2017, 57% of respondents still haven’t allocated budget for GDPR or are unclear whether or not GDPR budget exists. As May draws closer you’ll see more companies trying to figure out just what GDPR means for them and how can they prepare for it.

Hybrid Cloud

More and more organizations are making moves to host at least some of their workload in the cloud. Thanks to the necessity for more flexibility and the need for collaboration across various locations, cloud-based infrastructure will continue to see an increase in spending in 2018. Spiceworks’ notes that communications, backup/disaster recovery, and productivity apps rank as the most common uses for cloud infrastructure.

Ready for the Year Ahead?

These are just a few of our 2018 predictions for IT and data storage. What trends do you expect to dominate? For more industry news and trends check out the Reliant Reading List or follow us on Twitter. Want help with any of your upcoming storage projects? Reach out to one of our dedicated storage specialists by using the chat on this page or giving us a call at 1.877.227.0828.