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Deduplication Services

Data deduplication refers to the elimination of redundant data through the process of deleting duplicate data and leaving only one copy of the data stored. Even though the data is removed, indexing of all data is still retained, should it ever need to be retrieved. A deduplication solution makes it possible reduce the required storage capacity, since only the unique data is stored.

In the example below, a data center starts out with 22 TB of data and a 2 TB a month growth rate. Over a five month period, when the platform is backed up or archived, all of the original 22 TB will be replicated, as well as the subsequent changes. With data deduplication, only the changes are actually stored. In this example, a 130 TB storage demand could be reduced to only 30 TB or less. That's a reduction of over 75% in data in just a 5 month period.

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Data Deduplication

In general, data deduplication improves data protection, increases the speed of service, and reduces costs.

Data Deduplication
Deduplication: Eliminate redundant data by deleting duplicate files and leaving only one copy stored.
  • Data deduplication can be used to increase overall data integrity, while reducing the physical storage capacity of your environment by 90% or more.
  • Reducing acquisition costs—and reducing power, space, and cooling requirements—disk becomes suitable for 1st stage backup and for retention that can easily be extended to months.
  • By putting data on disk, restore service levels are heightened, media handling errors are reduced, and more recovery points are available on fast recovery media.
  • Data deduplication reduces the data that is required to be sent across a WAN for remote backups, replication, and disaster recovery. The costs of the WAN are drastically reduced as a result.
  • Using Data deduplication within a virtual environment gives you the ability to deduplicate the VMDK files needed for deployment of virtual environments.
  • Deduplication of snap shots files (i.e. VMSN & VMSD in VMWare) will give you considerable cost savings compared to the conventional disk backup environment whilst still giving you more recovery points for disaster recovery.
  • Significant cost savings are available when compared to plain disk, VTL or tape implementations and for both hard costs and soft costs (i.e. management and ease of use)

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