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Data Center Relocation Services

Avoid Downtime During Your Next Data Center Move
Protect yourself from the risk of downtime and uncertainty associated with data center moves Instead of simply hoping for the best, allow Reliant Technology to help you prepare for the issues that may arise during your datacenter relocation. While you and your team may have a solid plan, unforeseen issues can and will arise.

Data Center Relocation

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Unforeseen issues that can cause downtime during a data center move:

  • Incompatible equipment arrives
  • Electrical cabling or power is unavailable
  • Shipping delays or freight damage
  • Unforeseen data migration issues
  • System dependencies fail due to improper planning

Protect your data and move at your leisure by renting Storage and SAN equipment for your next data center move

Data center equipment rentals give you the ability to place temporary storage assets at your current or target location, allowing you to move critical systems at your leisure and avoid the stress and risk of a tight timeline.

Reliant Rents: EMC, IBM, NetApp, HDS, Cisco, and Brocade hardware for Data Center Moves from 1 day to 1 year.

To learn more about utilizing data center equipment rentals during your upcoming move, contact Reliant Technology today. A consultant will work with you to understand your requirements and prepare options that reduce risk, avoid downtime and increase your flexibility during your upcoming move.