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Reliant10x | IT Lifecycle Planning & Asset Management Tool

There’s much more to IT asset management (ITAM) than simply tracking your assets in one place. If done correctly, IT managers stand to proactively plan, deploy, support, and retire every asset they own according to their specific goals and business objectives.

To help you do this, we created Reliant 10x - a free cloud-based platform designed to assist you with managing your IT infrastructure from purchase to decommission.

How Does Reliant 10x Work?

Reliant 10x gives CIOs, IT Directors, and other IT staff members the ability to manage mission-critical hardware like storage arrays, switches, servers, and more. Having all your IT hardware data in one place allows you to easily access information regarding your assets by type, location, Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM), and support status.

What to do:

  • Import your IT assets.
  • Start tracking your IT assets by hardware type, OEM, and support contract renewal dates etc.
  • Need an upgrade or spare part? You can request one directly through the 10x platform.

What will I get in return?

  • Consolidate all your IT hardware assets in one place.
  • Never miss a product lifecycle milestone or maintenance contract renewal date with support notifications.
  • Plan when to acquire, deploy, support, retire, & decommission all your IT assets

Reliant 10x benefits:

  • Increase data center efficiency, productivity, and peace of mind by tracking all your IT assets in one platform.
  • Provide transparency across locations by sharing asset data and support contract information between teams.
  • Grow your IT infrastructure and overcome budget constraints by having access to hardware and support at a fraction of the price.

Ready to get started?

These are just a few benefits to using this tool. Reliant 10x not only helps you organize IT assets. The tool exposes you to alternative support solutions, and data center savings where it counts. This will allow you to develop strategies and practices that will help you in the long run. Create your Reliant 10x login to get started today.