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Q&A with Rafael Santiago, Storage Administrator, MMM Holdings


MMMMedicare y Mucho Más (MMM) is a health plan especially designed to benefit the elderly and disabled population of Medicare. It was founded in 2001, becoming the first Medicare Advantage plan established in Puerto Rico.

What's your role with your company?

I'm a server and storage administrator. I've been a server admin for more than 10 years; for storage, three or four years.

What problem were you trying to solve?

We had to move our data center in a very short time — a couple of weeks. So we needed equipment to replicate our data to the new storage so we'd have a backup onsite. We wanted to be sure that if we lost a storage device during the move, we'd have the data backed up.

What's your infrastructure?

We have around 100 to 120 physical servers. We have more than 300 virtual servers. We have two IBM XIVs connected to one another so we can replicate data over them. All the servers are running from it, including the VMware.

What issues were involved in moving your data center?

We couldn't move the XIVs without having a full backup of it on the local premises. We work in healthcare, so we can't lose that data.

How much data did you need to back up?

At least 79TB.

Why did you call Reliant?

Reliant helped us by bringing in another XIV to our local building so we could connect it to ours. That was the easiest way to get a full backup on the premises to protect our data.

What did Reliant do to help you?

They shipped a whole XIV in a crate and hooked it up, did the transfer, and packed it up again.

What was it like doing business with Reliant?

Reliant was very helpful and gave us the confidence to carry out this move, knowing our data would be safe. The whole experience was great.