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IBM DS5000 Products
Reliant Technology carries a range of IBM Storage Array Network (SAN) products, including the IBM DS5000 series.  The IBM DS5000 series delivers high performance and availability, advanced function, and modular and scalable storage capacity.  Reliant offers a full range of new, high quality refurbished, and used IBM SAN storage systems, providing IBM storage solutions for midsize and large businesses at any budget.  Reliant Technology also offers upgrade solutions including IBM DS5000 disk expansions and IBM drives.

IBM DS5000 System Storage
The IBM DS5000 series, including the DS5100 and the DS5300, provides high-performing midrange SAN storage solutions. The IBM DS5000 series consists of 4 Gbps to 8 Gbps network storage arrays containing dual-active RAID controllers and up to 64GB of cache. The IBM DS5000 systems can attach up to 28 EXP5000 storage expansion units or 8 EXP5060 (1818-G1A, 60 drive slots) high density SAN storage expansion units for a total of up to 480 disk drives or up to 480TB of physical capacity using 1TB SATA drives. The IBM DS5000 series supports RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, and 10 and is designed to enable from 8 up to 512 partitions.

Upgrading Your IBM SAN
If you are interested in upgrading your current IBM DS5000 storage array, you will find what you need at Reliant Technology.  We carry IBM DS5000 disk expansions, ranging from 16 to 60 slots, which will allow you to expand your IBM SAN storage arrays with additional disk capacity.  We also offer IBM DS5000 Fibre Channel (FC) drives, solid state drives, and IBM DS5000 SATA drives with a wide range of disk capacity, disk speed, and interface speed.  Reliant Technology provides both new and high quality refurbished IBM DS5000 disk expansions and IBM drives, with upgrade options to fit every budget.

Used & Refurbished IBM Options
Reliant Technology provides new IBM DS5000 storage systems and upgrades to fit every budget. Refurbished IBM DS5000 and used IBM DS5000 SAN storage systems and upgrades are also available, allowing you to secure the best IBM SAN storage networking systems and software for your company, all while staying within your budget.

Warranty & Support
Reliant Technology offers a 1 Year Next Business Day parts replacement warranty and 9-5 phone support on all used IBM DS5000 or refurbished IBM DS5000 series SAN storage systems and upgrades that we provide. Extended warranties and 24x7x4 onsite hardware support are also available.

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Reliant's Rock-Solid Certification Warranty

Tested & Warrantied Hardware

All of Reliant’s pre-owned IBM storage hardware is rigorously tested and certified for use, and backed by our Rock-Solid Certification Warranty. All IBM storage is fully covered by our one-year, next-business-day replacement warranty.

Reliant's Third-Party Support


Reliant’s superior IBM support is as good as the manufacturer, but costs up to 70% less. Coverage options range from 24x7x4 support with on-site engineer response to next-business-day with parts replacement.

Reliant's BuyBack & Trade-In


Reclaim value from your aftermarket IBM hardware. Trade in old arrays for cash or credit to use towards newer, more powerful systems and upgrades. All data on recovered systems is handled according to the highest industry standards