Data Center Monthly Newsletter | Reliant Reading List | September 2017


Every week we scour the web for our favorite articles about all things IT from industry news to current data center trends. We’re bringing you our top picks from the last month. This August, four tips for the accidental database administrator and VMworld kicks off with a slew of new partnerships.

1.Four Survival Tips for the Accidental DBA

"Let’s be honest, most of us have inherited a database administrator gig. Either you’re a dev that’s deployed a new database platform to support your application, and now you’ve got to troubleshoot; or you’re a dedicated database..."

From Data Center Knowledge

2.Hollywood Cybercrime: HBO Hack Just the Latest Attack

"The cyberattack against HBO and its biggest series "Game of Thrones" is the latest reminder that Hollywood remains a vulnerable target for online pillagers. For cybercriminals seeking attention, there are few greater prizes than the..."

From Data Storage Today

3.VMworld 2017: VMware, Dell EMC (and our competitors)–get ready to RUMBLE

"It’s that time of year again, VMworld is around the corner (August 28-31). This will be my 11th VMworld. I’ve seen great ones, moderate ones – but never a lame one. Yes, the vibe has changed over the years – but hey, maybe it’s that I’m getting older :-) It’s funny to think about it – as in ancient times, passing of time is measured in strange ways – used..."

From Virtual Geek

4.VMworld Kicks Off with a Slew of Cloud and Data Center Announcements

"Just one day after kicking off VMworld 2017, its annual VMworld cloud and virtualization convention, VMware has unveiled a number of new..."

From Data Storage Today

5.Flash Memory Summit 2017: Flash Really on Fire

"Any claims that “flash is on fire” at Flash Memory Summit 2017 this week drew awkward glances, nervous laughs or groans. That’s because one flash system literally caught fire, causing the exhibition hall at the Santa Clara Convention Center to close for the entire show."

From SearchStorage

What Else Happened This Month?

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