Data Center Monthly Newsletter | Reliant Reading List | October 2017


Every week we scour the web for our favorite articles about all things IT, from industry news to current data center trends. We’re bringing you our top picks from the last month. This September, Equifax data breach affects 143 million and how not to lose your data during a natural disaster .

1. IT Managers Need To Lock Down Workplace Equipment

"Kensington, one of the leading makers of accessories for desktop PCs and mobile devices, says IT theft is much more common than many companies realize, and locking down devices in the office is an incredibly important security measure..."

From Data Storage Today

2. Use a Data Center in Irma's Path? Here's How Not to Lose Your Data

"As a massive clean-up effort continues in Texas from Hurricane Harvey—expected to be the second most costly storm in the US behind Hurricane Katrina with total losses between $45 billion and..."

From Data Center Knowledge

3. What if Your Colo Fails: Preventing Disaster

"Although a data center network is designed not to fail, it does happen. And if it does, it puts data owners in a precarious situation—especially when it’s a colocation facility (colo) that goes down. As recent situations have illustrated, the ramifications of a colo outage can..."

From Data Center Journal

4. Top 10 Predictions: How Will All-Flash Storage Look in 5 Years?

"The David Bowie song “Five Years” saw nothing but death and despair five years down the line. Fortunately, the pronouncements of various storage experts about where all-flash storage will be in five years are far less gloomy. In many cases, the predictions are downright giddy..."

From Enterprise Storage Forum

5. Data Breach At Credit Services Company Equifax Affects 143 Million Customers

"Equifax revealed a huge data breach on Thursday, affecting 143 million customers of its credit and information services. The credit reporting agency said the breach included information on names, birth dates, Social Security..."

From CRN

What Else Happened This Month?

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