Data Center Monthly Newsletter | Reliant Reading List | November 2017


Every week we scour the web for our favorite articles about all things IT, from industry news to current data center trends. We’re bringing you our top picks from the last month. This October, what to expect for your IT budget in 2018 with Spiceworks' State of IT and Extreme Networks completes acquisition of Brocade.

1. The Growing Importance of Compliance and Security in Healthcare

"The evolution of technology—and the rate at which it’s advancing—is amazing. A generally accepted rule of thumb is that capabilities increase by a rate of 10x every five years. It includes compute resources, storage and speed. In the healthcare industry..."

From Data Center Journal

2. How Storage Tiering Can Lead to Cost Savings

"Storage growth isn’t slowing down, and this is pushing demand for file storage capacity. As a result, enterprise file management is top of mind for many data centers and businesses. And new storage technologies are bringing..."

From Data Center Frontier

3. What if Your Colo Fails: Preventing Disaster

"Although a data center network is designed not to fail, it does happen. And if it does, it puts data owners in a precarious situation—especially when it’s a colocation facility (colo) that goes down. As recent situations have illustrated, the ramifications of a colo outage can..."

From Data Center Journal

4. The 2018 State of IT Report

"In an effort to uncover exactly how technology purchases will play out in the coming year, we surveyed more than one thousand IT buyers across North America and Europe. We’ve mapped out data on the latest IT trends including budgetary breakdown (IT spending booty, anyone?), data compliance, tech adoption..."

From Spiceworks

5. Extreme Completes Brocade Acquisition

"Extreme Networks today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Brocade’s data center switching, routing and analytics business, completing one of the most remarkable and unlikely turnaround stories in..."

From NetworkWorld

What Else Happened This Month?

These are just some data center news highlights from the previous month. Stay current on all the latest mergers, hardware releases, and events, with our monthly digest of articles. For more EOL updates, third party support tips, & data storage best practices, view the last issue of our data center monthly or check out the other featured articles from this edition of the newsletter.