Data Center Monthly Newsletter | Reliant Reading List | December 2017


Every week we scour the web for our favorite articles about all things IT, from industry news to current data center trends. We’re bringing you our top picks from the last month. This November, data is the new oil and a crash course in becoming a world-class database administrator.

1. Steps for Data Center Recovery Following a Natural Disaster

"Accordingly, many experts have weighed in with tips for consumers to get their lives back up and running. People have been showing extraordinary strength and leadership in helping those affected. However, there is another area that we need to remember in these trying times – business continuity..."

From Information Management

2. Hybrid Storage Arrays Offer the Best of All Storage Worlds

"Hybrid flash arrays provide performance benefits over all-flash and all-hard disk storage systems and can address the varying workload demands of today's..."

From TechTarget

3. Data is the New Oil

"The volume, variety and velocity of data generated in today's world is nothing less than breathtaking. Although digital technology has spanned more than four decades in the enterprise, the acceleration of this trend is redefining and reshaping business in profound ways..."

From CIOInsight

4. Do You Have What it Takes to Be a World-Class DBA

"In an effort to uncover exactly how technology purchases will play out in the coming year, we surveyed more than one thousand IT buyers across North America and Europe. We’ve mapped out data on the latest IT trends including budgetary breakdown (IT spending booty, anyone?), data compliance, tech adoption..."

From Database Trends and Applications

5. Brocade undone: Broadcom's acquisition completes

"The US$5.9bn deal was announced in November 2016 but the United States' Committee on Foreign Investment took a long, hard look at the deal because Broadcom supplies..."

From TheRegister

What Else Happened This Month?

These are just some data center news highlights from the previous month. Stay current on all the latest mergers, hardware releases, and events, with our monthly digest of articles. For more EOL updates, third party support tips, & data storage best practices, view the last issue of our data center monthly or check out the other featured articles from this edition of the newsletter.