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In today’s world, data such as research data, customer, and payroll information represent some of a corporation’s most important resources. Protecting this data and ensuring as little downtime and data loss as possible has established itself as of IT’s most important tasks. Any downtime or loss data can mean a loss of money or consumer confidence. Total data loss could cripple some companies.

EMC’s MirrorView offers synchronous or asynchronous remote mirroring in case of a system failure or a natural disaster. The remote server can be located next door or anywhere else in the world. Although MirrorView offers synchronous mirroring, you may pick asynchronous mirroring for higher performance. Synchronous mirroring creates an exact byte for byte copy in both systems. When server data is sent to storage, it writes to both the primary and secondary arrays before acknowledging the server. This process can take time and valuable resources. If performance is an issue, asynchronous mirroring becomes an option. While it’s not a real-time backup of the data, replication can happen in thirty minutes.

MirrorView also offers end-to-end protection. On top of replication tasks, end-to-end protection protects the second volume from corruption by making it only available for server access when promoted.


  • Remote backup at any location
  • Synchronous mirroring, zero data loss