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Improve Disaster Recovery and Reduce Risk Immediately

Improve Your Disaster Recovery Site and Reduce Risk

Although many enterprises recognize the importance and value of a disaster recovery system, some choose to postpone DR improvements due to limited budgets and the pressure to cut IT costs. However, disaster recovery is a crucial part of IT infrastructure, and neglecting DR could cost you thousands or even millions of dollars in the event of a disaster. Protecting your mission critical data is much easier and more affordable when utilizing cost-reducing strategies like those listed below.

Leverage Used Storage To Build A DR Site That Suits Your Exact Needs

Disaster Recovery

Have you dreamed of a state of the art disaster recovery environment, but been held back by your limited IT budget? It's not uncommon, since the cost of storage arrays, replication software, and hosting space can be exorbitant when purchased new from storage manufacturers.

Deploying used storage in your DR site can greatly reduce the cost of a disaster recovery system and enable you to protect critical data exposed to the risk of failure. Many IT managers find that they can purchase 50% to 100% more storage and SAN equipment when leveraging used equipment, allowing storage managers to invest in DR where it wasn't previously feasible.

Used hardware can be used to employ storage arrays from EMC, NetApp, IBM, and several other storage manufacturers including Brocade and CISCO SAN switches (FCIP switches for site-to-site replication and standard SAN switches and directors).

Third Party/Independent Maintenance Exactly Tailored To Your Requirements

Third party maintenance provides exceptional service for both production and disaster recovery environments, often improving upon the original service level agreement. However, the most important and unique part of third-party maintenance or independent maintenance is that you can specifically tailor the maintenance plan to the needs of the disaster recovery site. Some sites have RTO and RPO objectives which only require minimal maintenance and a plan can be tailored to fit that budget. At the same time, when RTO and RPO objectives demand strict SLAs, a custome maintenance plan can be crafted to have your site up in minutes.

Repurpose Legacy Systems

What should you do with your old system when you have the opportunity to upgrade your production environment? Instead of getting rid of your old system, repurpose it for disaster recovery. A simple disk upgrade and a third party maintenance contract can make this an affordable, simple method for creating or improving your disaster recovery system. For example, we often see EMC CLARiiON CX4 systems converted into disaster recovery systems when an IT director has made the decision to upgrade to a newer or larger system, like the EMC VNX. You'll save time and money, and gain peace of mind knowing that your mission critical data is protected, no matter when a disaster strikes.

Protecting your mission critical data is crucial, but it doesn't have to cost a fortune. Let Reliant Technology help you create an affordable disaster recovery system that will protect your data and give you peace of mind.

Interested in a strategy to reduce your risk and improve your disaster recovery plan? Talk to a Reliant Storage Specialist today to get expert advice about how to manage risk in your storage environment. Our storage experts are trained to get you the storage solution you need the first time around. Experts in EMC, NetApp, IBM, CISCO and Brocade SAN equipment, you can count on Reliant consultants and engineers to handle your end-to-end storage needs.