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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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About Reliant

What does Reliant Technology sell?

At Reliant Technology, we simplify the process of sourcing storage by offering the best products from the most trusted manufacturers at the lowest prices.

Reliant Technology can provide new and fully tested, certified, and warrantied used storage systems and upgrades from leading manufacturers such as EMC, NetApp, IBM, Hitachi, Cisco, Brocade, and more. We have everything available from fully configured storage arrays, to disk array enclosures and disk shelves, SAN directors and switches, HBAs, as well as disk drives for your storage arrays.

As the World's #1 Reseller of Certified Pre-Owned Storage Hardware & Support, our technical staff can always recommend the product that best fits your specific requirements, regardless of the manufacturer or size of your system. For more information on what equipment Reliant has available for purchase, reach out to one of our storage specialists at or call 1.877.227.0828 .

Who are Reliant’s customers?

More than 1,800 companies of all sizes and industries – including Wells Fargo, Kodak, ATOS IT, and Verizon – trust Reliant Technology for data storage solutions, ranging from single disk drives to fully configured storage arrays, all backed by unparalleled service and support.

For more information on our existing clients , give us a call at 1.877.227.0828 .

End-of-Life (EOL) Equipment

How do I know when my data center equipment is going End-of-Life?

If you want to know when your data center equipment is going End-of-Life (EOL) or End-of-Availability (EOA), be sure to check out our EMC EOL and NetApp EOA information pages. These pages are updated regularly to reflect upcoming End-of-Life and End-of-Availability dates.

For more information about EOL or EOA data center equipment, reach out to one of our storage and support specialists or call at 1.877.227.0828 .

Can Reliant Technology upgrade and support EOL & EOSL equipment?

If your equipment is EOL or EOSL, that doesn't mean that you can no longer get upgrades or support for that hardware. Reliant Technology can support and upgrade systems up to 10 years old.

For more information about upgrades or support for EOL and EOSL equipment, reach out to one of our storage and support specialists or call at 1.877.227.0828 .

Purchasing Process

What storage hardware is available for purchase from Reliant? 

Reliant Technology provides used storage upgrades and systems for EMC, NetApp, IBM, Hitachi, Cisco, Brocade, and more.

In order to find out the availability of storage systems and upgrades, you can reach out to one of our storage specialists. They can confirm the availability of specific equipment as well as the compatibility of that equipment within your existing environment. For more information about what storage hardware Reliant has available, call 1.877.227.0828 .

Can Reliant custom configure, test, and ship an entire storage array? 

Reliant Technology can assess your requirements for a storage array and fully configure systems to your exact specifications prior to shipment. Reliant supplies storage arrays, disk array enclosures or disk shelves, SAN switching technology, as well as HBAs and other storage upgrades, We can custom build, configure, rack, and test your entire storage solution prior to the system’s arrival at your location. Reach out to one of our storage specialists today at 1.877.227.0828 or to get started on a customized storage solution for your data center.

How do I get a quote and what is the process?  

  • You reach out to Reliant via chat, quote submission form, phone or email
  • A sales representative will set up a time to discuss the requirements of the project with you over the phone. This call will include determining the scope of the project, expectations, budget, and timeline.
  • The sales rep will put together a quote proposal that detailing pricing, warranty information, maintenance, and terms and conditions. This proposal will be sent to you typically within 1-24 hours depending on the scope of the project.
  • A quote review call will take place with you and a sales representative after the proposal has been received by the customer to review the timeline for the installation and shipment of the equipment.
  • After the quote review call has been completed, and you are ready to move forward, you will send a PO or credit card authorization and the order will be executed and the equipment will be shipped.
  • A follow up call will take place to make sure that the equipment met the expectations and requirements for your project.

How long will it take for my order to ship? 

All systems and upgrades shipped from Reliant are fully tested, certified, and warrantied. Reliant Technology works with FedEx, UPS, and multiple other freight carrier partners to deliver your equipment quickly and securely. Our logistics team professionally packages all equipment in custom designed packaging to safely deliver each drive, tray, or array.

With overnight and next business day shipping options, you'll be sure to receive any replacement parts you need, anywhere, anytime. To get the best estimate on ship dates for a configuration or upgrade, please speak with a Reliant Technology storage consultant.

For expedited shipping orders, contact us as soon as possible to fulfill last minute orders by calling 1.877.227.0828 and talk to a storage consultant about rush or overnight delivery.

Trade-in & Buyback Program

I’d like to sell my storage hardware - what’s it worth? 

Reliant Technology offers you the opportunity to turn your used or surplus data storage hardware into cash or credit to use for future storage hardware upgrades.

There are a lot of variables that come into play when determining the value of used equipment. Those variables can be current supply and demand, trends in the market, configuration of the system and type of equipment. Quotes can typically be returned from Reliant within 1-24 hours depending on the complexity of the assets.

For more information about Reliant Technology's Trade-In & Buyback Program, call 1.877.227.0828 .

Does Reliant Technology offer data erasure services?

Reliant Technology provides both in-house and onsite data erasure services with the certifications necessary to keep your organization in compliance with regulations including HIPAA, PCI, and more. Trust that all of your organization’s sensitive data will be removed with certified data sanitization up to DOD Level 7 (DOD5220.22M) and NIST 800-88. For more information about Data Erasure & Sanitization, call 1.877.227.0828 .

Certified Pre-Owned Storage

What is the difference between used, refurbished, grey market, and new storage hardware? 

Used is Not New : Used equipment is any equipment that has been sold - including current generations as well as older models.
New in Box : Equipment previously sold, yet unopened or unused.
Refurbished : The equipment has been fixed in some way - cosmetics, repair, etc.
Grey Market : Equipment that is stolen or entered the market from a back channel, such as an overseas distributor selling back into the United States.

Does Reliant have a quality assurance and product testing process?

When you invest in Reliant certified storage equipment, you can count on the quality, performance, and peace of mind that comes with our comprehensive product testing and quality assurance process. For more information about how Reliant certifies our storage hardware, check out our rigorous 8-step testing procedure, the Reliant Rock Solid Certification Program or give us a call at 1.877.227.0828 .

What type of warranty comes with equipment purchased from Reliant?

All equipment purchased through Reliant is backed by a one-year next-business-day parts replacement warranty. If your equipment is not working properly, please call 1.877.227.0828 (9-5, Monday - Friday, excluding major holidays) to speak with a storage consultant. In most cases, one of our engineers can troubleshoot and resolve the issue over the phone, but if it is concluded that your item is defective, we will replace the equipment during the warranty period.

Maintenance & Suppor

Can the OEM support equipment purchased from Reliant?

Yes, the OEM can support used equipment. All used storage hardware sold by Reliant is 100% OEM original. Our equipment is fully tested and eligible for OEM maintenance and support, but it really depends on your relationship with the OEM and what stance you are willing to take. You are, ultimately, the customer.

Third-Party maintenance providers support pre-owned storage hardware equipment. The trick is to find a provider that has expertise in supporting a wide range of environments. With that expertise you will be getting engineers (typically Level 3) that can provide support immediately vs. getting routed to customer service agent from the manufacturer with no expertise. Another benefit can be getting answers that are contextual to the solution that you are supporting.

For more information about support for equipment purchased from Reliant, call 1.877.227.0828 to speak with a storage consultant.

Can Reliant provide support for my IT hardware?

Reliant Technology offers 5 levels of support ranging from 24x7x365 4-hour response to Next Business Day parts replacement. Contracts can be customized to co-terminate, providing you flexibility to choose the service level right for you at prices 30-70% of the OEM. And, with our On-site Spares offer, you can eliminate downtime on mission critical equipment. For more information about our third-party support solutions, call 1.877.227.0828 .

Why Reliant

Over 1,800 customers, including Harley-Davidson, Siemens, and UCLA, trust Reliant as the World’s #1 Reseller of Certified Pre-Owned Storage & Support. Discover a new level of service, knowledge and savings for EMC, NetApp, IBM, HDS, Brocade and Cisco hardware today.

  • In-Depth Product Knowledge: Reliant Technology has the world's largest team devoted to used storage. We understand the used storage market and know how to provide the best used storage solutions for your environment.
  • Rapid Response: Our storage specialists will respond to your requests within 15 minutes or less. You don't have to wait weeks to receive a quote. We also offer overnight delivery so you can implement your used storage upgrades as soon as possible.
  • Significant Savings: Reliant Technology can provide you storage solutions at 30-70% off the prices from the OEM. We also provide comprehensive and flexible third-party maintenance coverage.

For more information about how Reliant certifies our storage hardware, check out our rigorous 8-step testing procedure, the Reliant Rock Solid Certification Program or give us a call at 1.877.227.0828