End of Life Information

System EOL Date EOSL Date
Data Domain DD670 03/2014 03/2019
Data Domain DD890 03/2014 03/2019
EMC VNX5100 12/2014 12/2019
System EOL Date EOSL Date
NetApp FAS3210 11/2013 12/2018
NetApp FAS3240 11/2013 12/2018
NetApp FAS3270 11/2013 12/2018
System EOSL Date
Brocade BigIron RX 07/2018
Brocade FastIron Edge X 08/2018
Brocade 410, 415, 420, 425 10/2018
System EOSL Date
Catalyst 6500 Series Network Analysis Module (NAM-1 NAM-2) 07/2018
Cisco Catalyst 2955C 12 Switch 07/2018
Cisco Catalyst 2955S 12 Switch 07/2018
System EOSL Date
J2320 07/2018
J2350 07/2018
J4350 07/2018
Q: What does End of Life (EOL) or End of Availability (EOA) mean for my EMC and NetApp hardware?

EOL: EOL, or "End of Life," means that EMC will no longer be selling the storage array and will recommend a new system upgrade.

EOSL: EOSL, or "End of Service Life," means that all support, including both primary and extended support options, have ended. It may still be possible to get support from EMC after equipment has gone EOSL, but this will be at a premium cost.

EOA: EOA, or "End of Availability," means that NetApp will no longer be selling that product. If it is covered under NetApp support, you may still be able to get upgrades for a filer after it is EOA.

EOS:EOS, or "End of Support," is the date after which NetApp will no longer support the hardware or software for a product that has been discounted in an EOA notice.

Q: What are my options after my equipment has gone EOL, EOSL, EOA, or EOS?

It’s important to know that you still have options even after your hardware reaches a product lifecycle milestone. Don’t be pressured into a costly hardware refresh based on the OEM's hardware upgrade schedule. Instead, extend the life of your storage environment by choosing a third party maintenance vendor. Some of Reliant Technology's support offerings include:

Flexible SLAs

Whether you want 24x7x365 coverage or Next-Business-Day parts replacement, Reliant Technology gives you the option to choose. Don't need level 1 support on all your hardware? No problem. Mix and match your SLAs to craft the support solution that works for you.

Global Coverage

Offering 4-hour on-site response times to 99% of the continental United States & Canada, we can maintain and service your equipment anywhere, anytime.Have legacy EMC or NetApp hardware in multiple locations? We've got you covered.

Expert Engineers

Tired of juggling multiple contracts from various OEM's? Reliant Technology features a vast service network of internal and field engineers to provide a one-stop shop from the best and brightest engineering minds in the nation.

Ready to Start Saving? Don’t abandon your productive storage environment just because the OEM declared your hardware EOL, EOA, EOSL, or EOS. If your storage system is on one of the End of Life pages, don’t panic. Rather, arm yourself with knowledge and know your options. As the World’s #1 Reseller of Certified Pre-Owned Storage Hardware & Support, we can assist you with crafting the best support solution for your data center. For more information on Reliant Technology's support offerings, reach out to one of our storage specialists or give us a call at 1.877.227.0828.