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Data Erasure & Sanitization Service

Convenient & Compliant Data Destruction

If you’re replacing your data storage system, you’re probably thinking about how to thoroughly and securely wipe the hard drives before you dispose of them. We know the security of your organization’s data is your top priority, and so it’s ours too. Reliant Technology provides comprehensive data erasure and sanitization services to ensure that your organization’s data is fully protected before you dispose of any hardware.

Ship Us the Gear or We’ll Come to You:

We offer both in-house and onsite data wiping services done in strict accordance with regulatory requirements to keep your organization in compliance with HIPAA, PCI, and other regulations. You can trust that your organization’s sensitive and proprietary data will be permanently wiped from the hard drives with our certified data sanitization services up to DOD Level 7 (DOD5220.22M), data wipe requirements set up and used by the Department of Defense.

Data wiping does not destroy the hardware, so you can opt to sell the used drives without worrying about data security, but if your company’s protocol requires destroying the hardware, Reliant Technology offers onsite physical data destruction through data dismantling and hard drive shredding services.

Reliant Technology can sanitize multi-vendor environments including EMC, NetApp, Dell, HP, IBM and other storage equipment. Upon completion of data erasure and sanitization, you will receive a data wipe certification to confirm that the hard drives have been erased in accordance with the required regulatory guidelines.

As the World’s #1 Reseller of Certified Pre-Owned Storage Hardware & Support, you can trust that your data will be properly handled and protected through each step of our data erasure and sanitization service.

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