Rock-Solid Certification Program


Certified Hardware Backed by our Leading Warranty

More than 2,000 customers depend on Reliant Technology for affordable EMC and NetApp storage equipment. Reliant Rock-Solid Certified™ refers to the rigorous 8-step certification process that all used EMC, NetApp, Cisco, Dell, Hitachi HDS and IBM storage equipment must pass before we sell it to our customers. The Reliant Rock-Solid Certification Program is just one component of what we like to call the Reliant Advantage.™

The Reliant Guarantee

Reliant Technology offers a 1 Year Next Business Day parts replacement warranty.

Our 8-Step Reliant Rock-Solid Certification Process

Step 1: Receiving with quality check

Upon arrival we inspect all inbound equipment to make sure it is packed properly, and is in good physical condition, updating records of any missing components or breakage. Damaged equipment is discarded.

Step 2: Installation

There is a right way and wrong way to do things. By following manufacturer documentation to install the equipment, we take the first step to ensure you get the results you expect from your order.

Step 3: Power-up sequence and monitor

We monitor the equipment during this phase to look for hidden issues.The Power-Up and Monitor phase tells us what hidden issues may exist that would require correction or cause the equipment to be removed from sellable inventory.

Step 4: Quality Testing

Burn-in and Run-Time will tell us if this equipment has passed our quality standards, ensuring our team can count on the equipment to deliver results.

Step 5: Data Sanitization

We value your privacy and regulatory requirements. In order to further develop a high level of trust and teamwork, we run all of our used data storage equipment through a documented sanitization process to make sure all equipment is wiped and sanitized.

Step 6: Quality Assessment

We review log file analysis of configuration, software versions, errors, and more to make sure the equipment works and is ready to perform and exceed expectations.

Step 7: Packing

You deserve to be able to install your equipment the moment it arrives, freeing up your team to do mission-critical work vs. chase down missing components. We make sure we include all the proper components to ensure a top-notch experience.

Step 8: Final Quality Review

Review output for Reliant Rock-Solid Certification is the final stamp of approval guaranteeing a positive customer experience. Our operations ‘A Team’ is charged with making sure you can count on your order.

Reliant Rock Solid Certification

To learn more about the Reliant Rock-Solid Certification Program and other equipment warranty information, see our terms & conditions or reach out to one of our dedicated storage and networking specialists at 1.877.227.0828.