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Storage Blog

Increasing work and fewer resources make handling accelerated data growth more challenging. As demands for new business application services soar along with storage requirements, IT organizations hustle to meet growing needs. One of the challenges becomes being able to meet these needs while maintaining staff levels and without increasing infrastructure expenditures.

More Data, Less Time

It’s quite common for IT managers to support multiple silo infrastructures. They’re often responsible for application systems, networking resources and virtualized environments. Administering storage and data protection are also critical areas of responsibility. Administration personnel are constantly busy and don’t always have enough time to focus on ways that IT can enhance business revenue and profitability.

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Reliant Technology - IT Lifecycle Spending Tips

Some of the biggest expenses that companies are dealing with in today's modern environment have to do with the data centers that they rely so heavily on daily. Everything from equipment repairs to refreshes can be expensive - prohibitively so in some cases - especially if you're looking at things from the wrong angle. It's important to understand that, not only is there a way to ease spending during the IT product lifecycle, but also you might even make a few dollars as well - so long as you keep a few key things in mind.

Assessing Value

IT equipment has a very real value to an organization as a whole, especially in terms of the data that it's storing and the way that its resources are being collectively utilized by employees. That equipment value needs to be weighed against the amount of money that you can potentially make from a resale situation before any type of decisions are made.

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There are a lot of acronyms and terms that come into play with spending on your data center. Choosing where to spend money in a data center can be complex and cause friction, especially if team members from the business side and the IT side are not seeing eye to eye on certain terms.

Take this quiz below to check your understanding of business and IT terms when It comes to data center spending. From items such as TCO and RFPs vs. RFQs, this quiz from will help provide some clarity around the acronyms and terms around data center spending.

Take the Quiz Here

If you need advice on your next storage project, our team at Reliant Technology will be able to help you lightning fast. With our in-depth product knowledge, we can pass on significant savings in your data center spending to ensure a hassle-free upgrade or maintenance process. Reach out to Reliant Technology via chat, email, or phone to get started.

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Reliant Technology is proud to be sponsoring the 2015 Atlanta Ribbon Run benefitting the Atlanta Dream Center for the third consecutive year.

The Ribbon Run is taking place to help the Dream Center reach, rescue and restore 80 men, 600 women and 500 children by 2017 with a goal of raising $30,000 to help make this a reality.

About The Atlanta Dream Center

With an 8-year track record here in Atlanta, thousands of children, women, and men are loved, mentored and rescued each year by the Dream Center. From building kids through children’s mentorship to rescuing women enslaved in sex trafficking, the Dream Center strives to break the cycle of poverty, sex trafficking and isolation in the city of Atlanta. 


So join us this weekend at the 2015 Atlanta Ribbon Run!

To hear more about the Atlanta Dream Center & Ribbon Run, watch this video from Reliant Technology CEO and Atlanta Dream Center board member, Reid.

For more information on the Atlanta Ribbon Run, click here: Ribbon Run Atlanta

And to find out more about the Atlanta Dream Center, visit their website: Atlanta Dream Center

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Data Storage Efficiency

Posted on May 7, 2015 in Tips to Save

Businesses are generating and consuming more and more data with each passing day. In fact, the total volume of data, coupled with the different types of data that are being utilized and the various locations around the globe that data can be stored in all represent significant challenges for organizations moving forward, regardless of the industries that they're operating. One of the keys to maintaining data storage efficiency moving forward involves understanding a little bit more about what it is and its role in business.

Data Storage Efficiency Considerations: The Cost Factor

When it comes to data storage in general, cost is always one of the chief considerations that must be dealt with before any type of decision is made. As a business continues to grow and evolve, additional hardware will need to be purchased to keep up with demand. Indeed, many people define storage efficiency as a measurement of how successfully you're able to meet capacity demands within your organization, compared to the total amount of money you're spending and the total return on investment that you're capable of seeing. 

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Reliant Technology - Recoup Storage Asset ValueAt Reliant Technology, we invest a large majority of our time trying to find the highest quality equipment to pass on to our customers. Since most of the hardware we sell from EMC, NetApp, Brocade, Cisco, and others is used, it is imperative that the sources from which we obtain this hardware is top-notch so that value can be given to our customers.

So, you may be wondering what the different types of sources Reliant Technology uses to find data storage hardware are. There are two main avenues by which we acquire the equipment we sell to our customers.

The End User

If an end user is trying to sell their storage assets, it is typically because they are uninstalling it or replacing that storage with something else. So, for example, an EMC customer might be replacing their storage with NetApp. An end user may be selling their equipment for a number of reasons, such as bankruptcy or a major forklift upgrade that essentially requires them to get rid of their preexisting storage infrastructure.

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Choosing the right upgrades for your NetApp storage infrastructure can greatly affect the overall performance of your storage system. While there are certainly benefits with being able to upgrade to the latest and greatest from NetApp, not all organizations have the money necessary to do so. Instead, these organizations must find ways to continue to upgrade their existing infrastructure in order to keep up with increasing capacity and performance demands all while on a limited budget.

So, how do you know which NetApp upgrades are right for your organization? What are some of the ways you can upgrade performance of your NetApp filer?

1. Add a Disk Shelf

Disk shelves are a great way to add performance and capacity to a NetApp filer. However, you must be sure to find the right shelf for your infrastructure based on its needs and also make sure that the disk shelf does not become oversaturated (which can decrease performance.) So, here are some of our top-selling disk shelves for you to consider adding to your environment.

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Sales is such an integral part of business, and having the right sales representatives can make or break an organization. Choosing the right people to join your sales team is an extremely important task that should not be taken lightly. So, what do you look for when choosing sales reps? Our CEO has some advice when it comes to picking people for sales positions. Check out the video below to find out his hiring tips:

At Reliant, we're here to help you figure out ways to make the best decisions for your organization around your data storage technology. 

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have!

And for more videos such like this, check out our YouTube channel.

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Reliant Technology - Backup ChallengesOne of the major challenges with backing up information in a business environment comes from the fact that you're backing up a little bit more with each passing day. Exponential data growth is one of the cornerstones of a successful business, but it can also complicate the data protection process in a number of ways.

Exponential Data Growth

Exponential Data Growth is a term used to describe a few basic concepts. As a business continues to grow, it requires faster restores and data protection that happens on a much more frequent basis. This can create challenges as there will come a point where traditional backup methods just don't give you exactly what you need.

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Reliant Technology - Data Loss PreventionBy far, the type of disaster that costs businesses a huge amount of money on a regular basis is data loss. Think for a moment about the gigabytes (or terabytes) of information that are being stored on your work computers, tablets and other types of devices. Now think about the devastating effect it would have if that data suddenly disappeared without warning. By understanding exactly what data loss is, you go a long way towards increasing your understanding of exactly what you need to do to prevent it.

Why Does Data Loss Happen?

Data loss can happen from an unfortunately large number of reasons, not all of which are easy to safeguard against. Hard disk drives will not last forever. Eventually those drives will break down and the small moving parts inside will fail, taking every last kilobyte of data on the drive along with them. Most people already have backup and recovery measures in place to prevent this type of situation, but you always need to remember that your recovery process is only as good as the copy of the data that is being created. If the copy degrades over time for whatever reason (or wasn't actually a high quality copy in the first place), you'll fall victim to data loss.

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