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Optimizing Your IT Team

Posted on February 27, 2015 in Knowledge and Learning

Reliant - Optimizing IT TeamData centers are filled with unpredictable equipment by their very nature. To say that it's difficult to keep servers and other data center components operating at peak efficiency is something of an understatement. You may not be able to control every aspect of your data, however, something you can control is the way in which your IT team operates. In order to combat the world of the unpredictable in your data center, your organization should strive to take steps to optimize the functionality of your IT team at all costs. Doing so will not only help keep your data center running at peak efficiency, but it will also help save your organization a huge amount of money by decreasing or eliminating factors such as employee turnover as much as possible.

The Group Dynamic

One of the most important ways to optimize your IT team has to make sure that you're doing everything you can to contribute to the group dynamic.......

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Reliant - Third-Party Maintenance BenefitsWhile you may have heard that working with an alternative EMC SAN support provider can help save you money on hardware maintenance costs and that those savings could be used to help free up the budget for innovative projects, you may not know some of the benefits that go beyond cost reduction. 

Non-Cost Benefits of an Alternative EMC SAN Maintenance & Support Provider

•  Hardware Life Cycle Extended: Enterprises may not always be able to upgrade or replace their current hardware, so extending the usable life of their storage infrastructure is a great benefit associated with using a different maintenance provider. Additionally, while prices for maintenance from the OEM keep rising, third-party maintenance providers can offer support solutions at a lower cost for the entire life of your EMC hardware.

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Data Center Monitoring Tools

Posted on February 23, 2015 in Software

Reliant - Data Center Monitoring ToolsThe key to properly managing a facility involves knowing not only what your data center does, but also what tools it's using that you are depending on daily. Knowing whether you need a BMS or a DCIM system (and in most cases both), for example, is one of the keys to making sure that your facility is well positioned for the future.


BMS and BAS are two acronyms that describe building management systems and building automation systems, respectively. These two systems are responsible for monitoring elements like power, heating and cooling systems, lighting systems and more. These types of deployments are incredibly robust and are made up of a series of standardized software platforms, communications protocols and other integral elements.

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Reliant - Determining ROI for Storage ProjectsSometimes IT professionals and those on the business end of the organization do not speak the same language when it comes to evaluating a project. IT professionals tend to use technical metrics to measure value while the business side of an organization will likely use revenue, profitability, and satisfied customers to gauge value. So, these two sides are frequently disconnected on how to determine and assess value a storage project proposal is presented. They will be interested in knowing how the storage project you are presenting will make money, make the business more flexible and dynamic, or enable the business to provide better service to customers.

Essentially, you may need to be able to provide an estimate of the ROI of the investment necessary for your storage project in order to get the project approved by a board, budget committee, or group. And, even if you are not asked to present this ROI estimate during your proposal, knowing an ROI estimate can help you have more confidence in your project as well as your own skillset on the business side. So, we are providing some tips on how to estimate the ROI that is associated with your storage project. 

1. Determine the Cost of Doing Nothing

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Reliant - Third-party maintenanceWhether your organization is looking to find a more cost-effective maintenance solution or your NetApp filer system has become End-of-Life (EOL), third-party maintenance can be an option to help you support your NetApp infrastructure while saving up to 70%. However, not every third-party maintenance provider is the same, so we suggest making sure that any NetApp maintenance provider you consider offers the following benefits to your organization:

1. Accelerated Service. Rapid response and accelerated service is necessary in any support contract to keep your mission-critical NetApp storage environment operating. Will you need a replacement disk drive for your NetApp filer in a hurry? Third-party maintenance companies, with response storage consultants and expert engineers, can often exceed the service level agreements (SLAs) of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) maintenance contracts and help you keep your mission-critical hardware running strong. 

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Reliant - Quick Tips for Used NetApp HardwareWhile the benefits of buying used NetApp storage, such as cost reduction and continuing to utilize a filer that is end-of-life, can be enticing, asking the right questions about the hardware you are considering purchasing can make or break your investment. So, to help you take advantage of the benefits associated with purchasing used NetApp hardware while ensuring that you get a quality product, we have compiled a short list of quick tips for purchasing used NetApp storage.

Tip 1: Ask about quality assurance: At Reliant, all of our used NetApp hardware is put through a rigorous 8-step testing process known as the “Reliant Rock-Solid Certification Program” that ensures that the equipment you receive meets the highest standards. Used NetApp hardware from Reliant is always put through a data sanitization process, quality testing, and quality assurance process as just a few of the steps of the Reliant Rock-Solid Certification Program.

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Reliant - EMC Storage Capacity PlanningProperly managing storage capacity is key to keeping up with the massive data growth of storage environments from EMC. When considering purchasing a storage system or formulating a capacity planning strategy, we suggest taking these 7 factors into account in determining what will best meet your current and future needs.

1. Know the tools that best suit your organization

Depending on the size of your business, the tools needed in order to analyze your environment’s data growth will vary greatly. If you are a smaller size business, you may be able to utilize an Excel spreadsheet and a performance-monitoring tool to track disk space and space currently used. For a larger business, the likelihood is that you’ll need more granularity in your information gathered. A Storage Resource Management (SRM) software, and capacity planning tools and calculators will be more likely to better suit your needs.

What is important to keep in mind is understanding the complexity of your data needs and being able to choose the right tools to help you analyze the data growth within your environment, whether through and Excel spreadsheet or an expansive performance monitoring tool.

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Click play to find out how you can save $123,000 on a NetApp Disk Shelf Bundle upgrade for your NetApp Infrastructure.


4x NetApp DS4243 Disk Shelf
24x 600GB 15K SAS Drives
Cables & 1 Year Warranty Included

Upgrades NetApp 2000, 3000, 6000, 8000 class systems.

Services available for installation, adding capacity to an existing aggregate or creating a new aggregate.

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Reliant Technology: Your source to upgrade & support EMC, NetApp, Brocade & CISCO infrastructure.

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Reliant- EMC NetApp Disk DrivesIf you’re searching for drives for your EMC system or NetApp filer, you probably have an issue that you are looking to solve. Perhaps it is a capacity problem or a performance problem in your storage array and you think that adding more drives may be the solution you need. 

However, before simply purchasing drives that you think may solve your problem, we suggest asking yourself a few questions first to ensure you’re getting the right drives for your EMC or NetApp storage array.

1.     What type of hard drives do I want?

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Brocade Acquires Riverbed Technology’s SteelApp virtual Application Delivery Controller (ADC) business. 

The SteelApp product line is one of the top ADCs and controls traffic to and from applications and allows for quick, reliable, and secure application delivery from the cloud or data center.

This deal will give Brocade the assets of the SteelApp business as well as its development and field teams when the deal closes by the end of May 2015 or before the conclusion of the vendor’s FQ2.

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