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Reliant- Storage Implications for the Internet of Things

"The Internet of Things" is a term that is being used on a regular basis in today's technological environment. To boil the term down to its simplest concept, it describes a bold new level of interconnectivity between devices within the existing infrastructure of the Internet. "The Internet of Things" is expected to bring with it a new level of automation in nearly every aspect of life - from the way you use computers at home, at school at the office and everywhere in between. When it comes to what is still a relatively new concept, however, there are a number of important storage implications that one must consider.

Storage Requirements of the Internet of Things

Perhaps the biggest implication regarding storage and "The Internet of Things" has to do with the total amount of data that will need to be stored at all. When all of your devices are suddenly capable of sharing information, you now have dramatically larger storage requirements than possibly ever before. To put that into perspective for the personal device user, one might consider the example of a smartphone video.

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What is the Cloud?

Posted on November 24, 2014 in Knowledge and Learning

Reliant - What is the cloudWhen people hear the term "the cloud" in reference to personal and professional computing, the image that is most commonly called to mind is a service from Apple called iCloud. iCloud acts as a personalized storage server that makes a users data available instantly on all devices. If you download a file on your MacBook and upload it to the iCloud account, for example, you can instantly access that file on your iPad. Instead of storing the file locally on the device's hard drive, it is stored online to allow for quick and easy access regardless of location.

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Reliant - EMC CompetitionData storage is evolving faster than ever, thanks largely both to the ways at which users are consuming data and the ways in which those huge amounts of raw data must now be stored. Despite these challenges, EMC Corp. continues to be an industry leader in the areas of data storage, virtualization, cloud computing, information security and more.

The CEO of EMC, Joe Tucci, recently spoke to the Wall Street Journal on the direction the company will take moving forward. Tucci spoke about the 15,000 engineers that are currently employed by the company and discussed how these individuals and the innovation they are providing will set the course for the organization for decades to come.

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Predicting the Future of IT

Posted on November 20, 2014 in Knowledge and Learning

Reliant - Predicting the Future of ITIT is an industry with a history based on innovation, but what does the future hold? This is critical information for the average business consumer to have, because the price of hardware and software can be daunting and installing new IT equipment or upgrading is a considerable investment.

Timing is everything in the world of technology. This can explain buzz products that jump to the top the sales charts, but these basics still win out:

  • Security
  • Storage and Cloud computing
  • Mobile devices

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Reliant - Where Does Hardware FitSoftware storage, software as a service and even the vision of a software-defined data system are all ideas getting a lot of publicity in today’s tech world. What does that mean in terms of hardware needs? Will hardware be “virtually” eliminated?

Hardware DOES Matter

One common argument in favor of different software solutions is that hardware does not matter. While yes, hardware has a different impact on how software works than ever before, it does matter. Rather than saying hardware doesn’t matter, a better way of phrasing things is to say that a certain type of software is “hardware agnostic.”

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Reliant Changing Landscape of ITRecent events have sparked a great deal of speculation about the future of the IT industry. For example, according to Yahoo Finance, IT giant Hewlett Packard has just announced its plan to lay off 5,000 employees and split into two separate businesses. Industry experts are now left wondering whether this is simply an isolated event or the beginning of a trend that will change the landscape of the IT industry as we know it.

Understanding the Shift

Watching a large company like Hewlett Packard divide itself into two is unnerving. Because most companies are pursuing growth, splitting a conglomerate into two or more pieces seems counterintuitive. However, something about the current state of the IT industry made it more profitable for Hewlett Packard to exist as more than one business. In fact, analysts believe that the company's split may have resulted from several possible catalysts within the IT industry, including the rapid commoditization of IT, the agility of start-up businesses and increased competition overall.

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How Do You Make a Difference?

Posted on September 4, 2014 in Knowledge and Learning

Reid Smith-Vaniz

The Golden Circle

Don’t we all want to make a difference, create an impact, and live out a significant purpose? Simon Senek has given a great Ted talk in which he explains what he calls the Golden Circle. The basic idea is that we are all desperately seeking to link the “why” with the “what” and the “how” of what we do. If you have not watched the video, I highly recommend it. It’s powerful, and it is shaping my thoughts about who we are and what we can become. 

Most people are highly skilled at explaining what they do, and how they do it—but not why. The best communicators explain the why first—something I am always trying to get better at. Here is a quick picture from Simon's book:

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Reid Smith-Vaniz
Used EMC and NetApp Storage

I've heard this question a lot over the years from EMC and NetApp customers, and it's a good one. I think it starts when people are learning that they can save quite a few dollars by going used, but then risk comes into play, and people start asking questions. The real questions behind this first question (and quite frankly, I don't blame you for asking them) might be:

     • Can I trust that it will work?
     • How was it used in the past?
     • Will I look stupid if I buy it?

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Reid Smith-Vaniz

ROWEI had never heard of ROWE until 2011, when I was exposed to the concept by David Cummings, founder of Pardot. Pardot is known for its exceptional work culture, and David also introduced me to the Entrepreneurs Organization, a collection of business owners which, coincidently, had also implemented ROWE. The culture at many of these small companies seemed to be thriving, and I was always looking to improve our own. I started to do some research.

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EMC World 2014: 10 Takeaways

Posted on May 27, 2014 in Industry News

EMC World 2014: 10 Takeaways


EMC World 2014Reliant was able to attend EMC World for the first time this year. We learned a lot about our peers, the industry and the future of storage. The sheer amount of information from these types of events is similar to, say, drinking water from a fire hose. But with 5 representatives from Reliant at the conference, we were able to walk away with some key information to help us better serve our customers.

Here are the 10 most important things we learned:

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