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Reliant Technology is proud to offer the full line of EMC CLARiiON CX4 SAN (Storage Array Network) products. This includes the CX4-960, CX4-480, CX4-240, and the CX4-120 all by EMC CLARiiON. In addition to carrying new EMC Storage Array Network systems, we also carry used and high quality refurbished products. This allows us to offer storage solutions for your mid to large-size firm, no matter what your budget. Additionally, we can work with you to upgrade your existing product including such add-ons as CLARiiON Disk Array Enclosures and CLARiiON drives. 

CX4 Innovations

The EMC CLARiiON CX4 series of products offers a number of exciting innovations that make tasks easier for all companies who use this technology. Innovations such as UltraFlex™ technology, flash drives, virtual provisioning and fully-automated storage tiering allow for higher scalability, better resiliency, and overall improved energy efficiency. 

EMC Storage Array Network Upgrades

If you are interested in upgrading your current EMC CLARiiON CX4 storage array, you will find what you need at Reliant Technology. We carry 15-slot CLARiiON disk array enclosures (DAE) that will allow you to expand your EMC CX4 storage arrays with additional disk capacity. We also offer EMC CLARiiON fibre channel drives and EMC CLARiiON SATA drives with a wide range of disk capacity, disk speed, and interface speed. Reliant Technology provides both new and high quality refurbished EMC CLARiiON DAE and CLARiiON drives, with upgrade options to fit every budget. 

Choosing Your EMC CX4 Product

Your choice of EMC CX4 product will vary depending on the storage demands and technological needs of your organization. Our entry-level networked storage array product (the EMC CLARiiON CX4-120) is an excellent option for those with price constraints. This 120TB capacity product has SATA II drives (and is available in a 48TB model with fibre channel drives). It can handle moderate to heavy transaction processing, large block data transfers at high speeds and department-based applications. You will find no better value for entry-level networked storage. 

More-powerful EMC SAN solutions for midsize to large businesses include both the EMC CLARiiON CX4-231 and the EMC CLARiiON CX4-480. The first offers capacity of up to 240TB and the second up to 471TB and each includes the SATA II drive option. 

Finally, for the highest data workloads and those huge consolidation projects, we offer our EMC CLARiiON CX4-960. This is the largest and most powerful storage array offering 4GB/sec in the industry. The CLARiiON CX4-960 has the largest capacity of any in the series offering up to 951TB of storage with SATA II drives (or 385TB with fibre channel drives.) This Storage Array Network is ideal for transaction heavy processing, block data transfers at high speeds, and the compute-intensive applications that even the largest organizations require. 

I already own a CLARiiON CX4 system:

What money-saving maintenance, spare parts, or upgrades are available?

EMC can put the equipment under support, but it really depends on your relationship with EMC and what stance you are willing to take. You are, ultimately, the customer.

Third-Party maintenance providers support EMC equipment. The trick is to find a provider that has expertise in supporting a wide range of environments. With that expertise you will be getting engineers (typically level 3) that can provide support immediately vs. getting routed to customer service agent from the manufacturer with no expertise. Another benefit can be getting answers that are contextual to the solution that you are supporting (Oracle, VMWare, etc).

Warranty and Maintenance Levels:

Level 1Level 2
  • ✓ Parts Replacement
  • ✓ Post incident follow up
  • ✓ Optional Training
  • ✓ Optional on-site spares
  • ✓ 24x7 on-site technical response (4 hour response after problem determination)
  • ✓ 24x7 telephone technical support
  • ✓ Parts Replacement
  • ✓ Post incident follow up
  • ✓ Optional Training
  • ✓ Optional on-site spares
  • ✓ 9x5 on-site technical response (NBD hour response after problem determination)
  • ✓ 24x7 telephone technical support
Level 3Level 4
  • ✓ NBD Parts Replacement
  • ✓ Post incident follow up
  • ✓ Optional Training
  • ✓ Optional on-site spares
  • ✓ 9x5 M-F telephone technical support
  • ✓ NBD Parts Replacement
  • ✓ Post incident follow up
  • ✓ Optional Training
  • ✓ Optional on-site spares
  • ✓ Scheduled telephone technical support
Level 5
  • ✓ NBD Parts Replacement
1 Year Warranty:2 Year Warranty:
  • ✓ NBD Parts Replacement
  • ✓ NBD Parts Replacement


How will I get this installed?

Engage with Reliant to utilize an EMC technical resource.  We have a nationwide team of technical specialists who can come onsite to install and configure the system. We can also arrange a session for a remote installation where you will be guided step-by-step through the setup process.

How are EMC CLARiiON CX4 products tested?

At Reliant, we put all used products through our rigorous, 8-step Rock-Solid Certified Program.

 •  Step 1: Receiving with quality check: We inspect all inbound equipment for correct packaging and condition. Any damaged equipment is discarded.
 •  Step 2: Installation: We ensure product success by following manufacturer documentation to install the equipment.
 •  Step 3: Power-up sequence and monitor: This phase tells us any hidden issues that may exist in the equipment so that we can repair them or remove them from our sellable inventory.
 •  Step 4: Quality Testing: Burn-in and Run-Time will tell us if the equipment has passed our quality standards, ensuring that the equipment will deliver results.
 •  Step 5: Data Sanitization: We value your privacy and regulatory requirements. In order to develop a high level of trust and teamwork, we run our used equipment through a documented sanitization process to ensure that the equipment is wiped and sanitized.
 •  Step 6: Quality Assessment: We review log file analysis of configuration, software versions, errors, and other technical material to make sure the equipment is ready to exceed expectations.
 •  Step 7: Packaging: We make sure to include all the proper components to assure our customers will have a top-notch experience
 •  Step 8: Final Quality Review: Review output for Reliant Rock-Solid Certification is our final stamp of approval to guarantee a positive customer experience. Our operations team is charged with making sure you can count on your order from Reliant.

What comes with EMC CLARiiON CX4 products?

All our systems, shelves, and switches are complete and working configurations - out of the box. Each item comes with necessary cables, SFP’s firmware and mounting kits and is ready for install and immediate use.

How much does this cost and why don’t you list it?

Due to supply and demand, pricing and availability changes all the time. One day we may have 500 2TB disk drives in stock, and the next day they are sold for a major archiving project. Call or email us to get the latest pricing and availability - and, most importantly, to make sure that you are getting the right solution to your problem.

What options exist for renting, financing or leasing this type of equipment?

EMC CLARiiON CX4 systems and upgrades are available for rent (1 week - 12 months) or lease (12+ months). Whether it's moving a data center, short-term capacity requirements, or migrating to a new platform, change is a constant challenge with any data center. Individual enclosures with SSD, Fibre Channel, SAS, NL-SAS drives, or any combination of drives are available for rent. These enclosures can provide additional capacity or performance, and can be ideal for temporary requirements.

Rentals give you the ability to:

 •  Duplicate a production environment during a data center move, thereby to reducing the risk of assets not shipping and , ensuring timely installation or configuration
 •  Overcome performance bottlenecks. I by installing an upgrade that you “think” will solve your issue, and convert that rental to a purchase when you seeing positive results.
 •  Preserve capital for long-term projects.  It’s April, and your big budget is available in December. Rent what you need for 8-10 months to get over the hump.
 •  Migrate on your own timeline.  Rentals can be a good option for staging migration data.
 •  Handle a seasonal load for a seasonal business.

Benefits of leasing includes:

 •  Finance your long-term storage needs without having to pay the full-price out-of-pocket
 •  Maximize your overall cash flow
 •  No burden of disposing of the technology
 •  Meeting increasing storage demands with a limited budget

Can you purchase CLARiiON CX4 equipment back from me?

Yes. There are a lot of variables that come into play when determining the value of used CX4 products. These include current supply and demand, trends in the market, configuration of the system, and type of equipment. Quotes can typically be returned from Reliant within 1-24 hours, depending upon the complexity of the assets.

What is the process for quoting, ordering and shipping?

 •  Reach out to Reliant via chat, quote submission form, phone, or e-mail.
             •  Chat with a sales representative on our website
             •  Give us a call toll free at 1.877.227.0828
             •  E-mail us at
 •  A sales representative will set up a time to discuss the requirements of your project with you over the phone. This call will determine the scope of the project, expectations, budget, and timeline.
 •  The sales rep will put together a quote proposal detailing pricing, warranty information, maintenance, and terms and conditions. This proposal will typically be sent to you within 1-24 hours, depending upon the scope of the project.
 •  A quote review call will take place between you and a sales representative after the proposal has been received by the customer to review the timeline for the installation and shipment of the equipment.
 •  After the quote review call has been completed, and you are ready tom moved forward, you will send a PO or credit card authorization, and the order will be executed, and the equipment will be shipped.
 •  A follow- up call will take place  to ensure that the equipment meets  the expectations and requirements for your project.

Why should I engage Reliant?
 •  We’ll shoot you straight.
 •  We have a proven testing process, called Reliant Rock- Solid Certified
 •  We’ve been doing this for 7 years, and have over 1000+ storage customers
 •  Our team focuses exclusively upon used storage, with deep expertise and market knowledge of thousands of SKUs, models, and hardware versions
 •  We solve problems, not just part numbers
 •  We’re friendly, approachable people, and we back it up with a team- based approach to ensure your success.

Give us a call or send us a note, you’ll be glad you did.

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