NetApp FAS3210

Part Number: FAS3210
NetApp FAS3210 includes 1 or 2 Storage Controllers, with base 8 x 8Gb/sec Fibre Channel ports and 20 x 4GB/sec ports, and can scale up to 720TB.

Reliant Technology can help you cost-effectively design and architect your ideal NetApp FAS3210 SAN storage solution.

Top of its Class
NetApp’s FAS3200 series allows you to get great value and efficiency in a midrange system that can operate in both virtual and traditional environments. This industry-leading family offers even better value and performance than before, making NetApp systems ideal for demanding business applications in virtualized environments.

The FAS3210 truly delivers a unified storage architecture that uses a single platform with common software and processes. This allows for the consolidation of your diverse workloads. With one operating system managing the entire process, it helps you maximize the efficiency of your virtual servers by delivering data when it needs it.

Warranty & Support
Reliant Technology offers a 1 Year Next Business Day parts replacement warranty and 9-5 phone support on all used NetApp FAS3210 and refurbished NetApp FAS3210 SAN storage systems & upgrades. Extended warranties and 24x7x4 onsite hardware support is also available. [Link.Warranty: Learn More]

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SATA Drive Expansion
NetApp FAS DS14MK2 Expansion

NetApp 2Gb/sec 14 Slot Disk Expansion. Includes all necessary cables to connect to your existing NetApp storage array.

NetApp FAS DS14MK2-AT Expansion

NetApp 14 Slot SATA Disk Expansion. Includes all necessary cables to connect to your existing NetApp storage array.

NetApp FAS DS2246 Expansion

NetApp 6Gb/sec 24 Slot Disk SAS Expansion. Includes all necessary cables to connect to your existing NetApp storage array.

NetApp FAS DS4246 Expansion

The NetApp DS4246 is a 24 Slot Disk Expansion that allows you to expand your NetApp FAS or V-Series storage arrays with additional disk capacity.

NetApp FAS DS4243 Expansion

NetApp 3Gb/sec 24 Slot Disk Shelf for SAS or SATA drives. Includes all necessary equipment to connect to your existing NetApp storage array.

Solid State Drive SAS Drive
NetApp X422A-R5 SAS Drive

NetApp 3/6 Gb/sec 600GB 10K RPM SAS Drive

NetApp X423A-R5 SAS Drive

NetApp 6 Gb/sec 900GB 10K RPM SAS DRIVE

NetApp X410A-R5 SAS Drive

NetApp 3 Gb/sec 300GB 15K RPM SAS Drive

NetApp X411A-R5 SAS Drive

NetApp 3 Gb/sec 450GB 15K RPM SAS Drive

NetApp X412A-R5 SAS Drive

NetApp 3 Gb/sec 600GB 15K RPM SAS Drive

NetApp X421A-R5 SAS Drive

NetApp 6 Gb/sec 450GB 10K RPM SAS Drive

Fibre Channel Drive

One Year 110% Guarantee

Used NetApp FAS & Refurbished NetApp FAS Warranty

1-Year Next Business Day Advance Parts Replacement
Reliant Technology warranties all refurbished NetApp FAS hardware we provide for a period of one (1) Years from the date of purchase. Should a component fail, Reliant will overnight a replacement part to you at no additional expense. We can also provide 9x5 phone support (Monday - Friday, excluding major holidays) if technical assistance is required in replacing a component.


Manufacturer Support
In addition to our 1 Year warranty, the majority of equipment sold by Reliant Technology can be placed under manufacturer support, unless otherwise specified. This means you can purchase a support contract from the manufacturer or add the hardware to your existing contract to provide additional onsite support from the manufacturer.

3rd Party Support
Reliant Technology can also offer 3rd party Onsite hardware support for NetApp FAS depending on your location. We offer 3 levels of support for NetApp FAS hardware.

  • Gold: 24x7x4 Hour Onsite Support
  • Silver: Next Business Day 9x5 Onsite Support
  • Bronze: Next Business Day Parts & Phone Support

You can expect to save an additional 30-40% when comparing 3rd party hardware support to manufacturer's pricing. Customer references are also available upon request.