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NetApp Storage

NetApp Storage Systems

NetApp Storage - Powerful, Affordable Unified Storage

Reliant Technology can provide the entire line of NetApp storage hardware products, upgrades, and replacement parts.

Whether you need to replace a few NetApp disk drives or construct an entire disaster recovery environment, Reliant can offer the NetApp storage you need while helping you save up to 70%.

Save 30-40% With Reliant

NetApp Storage Systems and Hardware

From the NetApp FAS6200 series to the NetApp FAS3100 and NetApp FAS200 series, Reliant Technology provides NetApp storage solutions for enterprises of every size.

Known for their performance and efficiency, NetApp storage helps enterprises to maximize their productivity with flexible, multi-protocol storage hardware. Scaling up to 1,440 disk drives, NetApp storage hardware provides both block and file storage in the same unit for maximum efficiency.

With flexible storage hardware, your enterprise can enable storage environment growth with NetApp storage hardware like the NetApp FAS3200 series. If your enterprise is planning for future growth, NetApp storage hardware can help you seamlessly expand your SAN to fit the enterprise data demands.

With innovative data storage technology, NetApp storage hardware operates with the acclaimed Data ONTAP 8 hardware to make your data management processes even easier. NetApp storage is constructed to handle the most innovative and demanding applications as well as the most intense workloads.

The Reliant Technology Difference

If your enterprise needs to replace a few NetApp disk drives or upgrade your entire NetApp storage system, Reliant Technology can provide the hardware you need with up to 70% savings.

With a wide variety of new, used, and refurbished NetApp storage hardware, Reliant Technology supplies new and used NetApp hardware, NetApp upgrades, NetApp disk drives, and NetApp replacement parts to make your ideal storage environment a reality.

Using only the highest quality used equipment, Reliant Technology evaluates and tests all used hardware to ensure it is wiped clean of data before shipment. To provide additional quality assurance, Reliant Technology backs all NetApp storage hardware they sell with a 1-year, 110% warranty.

Need your replacement NetApp storage hardware in a hurry? Reliant Technology can provide you with you the hardware you need quickly, efficiently, and without the wait time of traditional OEMs. Whether you need expedited disk drive or an entire NetApp system, Reliant Technology can help you find the NetApp solution that fits both your enterprise timeline and your budget.