Part Number: 1818-D1A
Guaranteed for IBM Support


Reliant Technology can help you cost-effectively design and architect your ideal IBM SAN Storage solution.

Performance & Growth
The IBM EXP5000 (1818-D1A) is a mid-range 4Gbps - 8Gbps disk expansion designed for the IBM DS5000 family of products. Offering 16 drive slots that accommodate 146GB, 300GB, 450GB or 600GB fiber channel drives and encryption capable fibre channel drives, 750GB or 1TB SATA drives, or 73GB solid state disk drives (SSD), the IBM EXP5000 can tackle a wide range of storage requirements.

Used IBM & Refurbished IBM Options
High quality refurbished IBM EXP5000 and used IBM EXP5000 disk expansion units and IBM DS5000 storage controllers & IBM disk drive upgrades (Fibre Channel and SATA) are also available from Reliant Technology to provide IBM SAN storage solutions to fit your budget, including IBM EXP5000 Expansions.

Warranty & Support
Reliant Technology offers a 1 Year Next Business Day parts replacement warranty and 9-5 phone support on all refurbished IBM EXP5000 Storage Expansions. Extended warranties and 24x7x4 onsite hardware support is also available. [Link.Warranty: Learn More]

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Model Numbers EXP-5000
EXP 5000
Disk Capacity 16
Electrical Power Voltage range: 100-240 V ac
Operating current: 5.4 - 2.25 amperes
Power: 580 watts
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Heat dissipation: 1570 BTU per hour (fully configured)
Noise level (normal operation): 6.75 bels
Fibre Channel Drives IBM 450GB 4Gb/sec 15K Encryptible Fibre Channel Disk Drive
IBM Feature Code: 1812-5416

IBM 146.8GB 4Gb/sec 15K Fibre Channel Disk Drive
IBM Feature Code: 1812-5414

IBM 600GB 4Gb/sec 15K Encryptible Fibre Channel Dis
Physical Storage Capacity Up to 16 TB per unit using 1000 GB SATA drives
Up to 9.6 TB per unit using 600 GB FC drives
Power & Cooling Redundant power supples and cooling
SATA Drives IBM 2TB Disk Drive 7.2K SATA DDM
IBM Feature Code: 1818-4712

IBM 1TB Disk Drive 7.2K SATA DDM
IBM Feature Code: 1818-4711

IBM 750GB Disk Drive 7.2K SATA DDM
IBM Feature Code: 1818-4710
Storage Controllers IBM DS4500 2Gb/sec Storage Controller
IBM Feature Code 1742-90U

IBM DS4100 2Gb/sec Storage Controller
IBM Feature Code:1724-100
Supported Interfaces SATA, Fibre Channel, Encryption Capable Fibre Channel, or Solid State Drives
Type Model Number 1818-D1A

One Year 110% Guarantee - The Best Warranty in the Industry

1-Year Next Business Day Advance Parts Replacement
To help protect you and your investment, Reliant Technology offers our end users an exclusive One (1) Year Advance Parts Replacement Warranty with a 110% Guarantee on all the refurbished IBM storage hardware we provide.

Manufacturer Support
In addition to our 1 Year 110% warranty, the majority of equipment sold by Reliant Technology can be placed under manufacturer support, unless otherwise specified. This means you can purchase a support contract from the manufacturer or add the hardware to your existing contract to provide additional onsite support from the manufacturer.

3rd Party Support
Reliant Technology can also offer 3rd party on-site hardware support depending on your location. We offer 3 levels of support for our refurbished IBM Storage hardware, for an additional fee.

  • Gold: 24x7x4 Hour Onsite Support
  • Silver: Next Business Day 9x5 Onsite Support
  • Bronze: Next Business Day Parts & Phone Support

You can expect to save an additional 30-40% when comparing 3rd party hardware support to manufacturer's pricing. Customer references are also available upon request.